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Thursday, January 22, 2004


If there is one defining characteristic about the press, it's this: They love to build a pedestal, put somebody on it, and then find a reason -- any reason -- to shove him off. They did it to McCain in 2000, Tsongas in '92, Gore in '88 and Hart in '84.

Now it's Dean's turn.

The sad thing is that the American public eats up just about whatever excrement the press dishes out. No thought. Just consumption.

IT WAS A POLITICAL RALLY, FOLKS! Rah rah! Let's go get 'em! It's his job to inspire his troops to action in what promises to be a long fight.

As to the issues and the man, which is what matters...

People would be impressed if they took a total of 90 minutes over the course of a week, and listen to this guy speak. Especially key in on talks to specialized groups -- doctors, clergy, etc. -- and find out just what he brings to the table.

This is a man who accomplished a lot during his tenure as Governor.

Compare his gubenetorial record to that of the White House's current occupant.

Don't let the press get away with believing you're a mindless drone.




Cast an imformed vote....

(p.s. I will post links to videos and the stories behind this rant later. It's getting to be bed-time for me.)


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