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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Response to "Hey, about those WMD's"

Received a response from a friend on the other side of the spectrum.

Interesting post!

Tis interesting that we haven't found them yet. I think that most
people (Democrats included) are surprised that we haven't found any.
Clinton and Gore both spoke of them. Senators like Ted Kennedy spoke of
the threat of Hussein while Clinton was in office. There are many, many
democrats on record talking about Saddam Hussein's quest for WMD's.

Here's another article about it:

I'm not trying to defend Dubya. As you know, I'm not a Republican and
I'm quite disappointed with the job Bush has done. I certainly won't
vote for him.

Do you think it was an intentional deception by Bush? If so, why did
the previous administration express the same information regarding the
threat? Why did the British and other nations agree? If it wasn't an
intentional deception but instead poor intelligence, can we call it a

[name witheld by Brian]


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