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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

The Dean Scream (or TV's Reality is a Lie)

This "I have a scream" business has managed to, if nothing else, increase my contempt for the American media, and the mindless American electorate that follows it blindly on the quest for someone to knock off a pedastal.

Howard Dean was in a closed room with raucus crowd 3,500 (that is THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED!) supportes after the Iowa Caucuses.

Did I mention it was a raucus crowd?

He was in a closed room of 3,500 raucus supportes at a political rally.

Did I mention it was a political rally? Go troops! Hu-ah!

Tell me that the future leader of the free world is supposed to whisper to his troops under such a situation. Seriously. Tell me that his exuberance at a RALLY has anything to do with his qualifications as a presidential candidate.

Tell me that is a criteria, and I will tell you that the US might as well shoot itself -- because it has allowed Katie Couric to choose our president.

Good god.

By the way, some of the media, now that they've done their damage, are starting to admit it: we haven't been fair to Dean on this one...

Read this ABC Story


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