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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I Am My Favourite Author

Okay, maybe not. But with my re-publishing today of the Blogger-era posts, I took a trip through memory lane.

The blog started 10 October, 2001. One month after 9.11. I was angry.

Angry at the bastards who attacked our nation... Angry at the stupidly ignorant ways of the USA... Angry at the attitudes being displayed in the Government and in our great nation's populace... Angry at the turn of events in Washington... Angry at the "sedition" label... Angry at the way our government was handed over lock-stock-and-barrel to Oil and Big Money interests... Angry at SUV's... Angry at the burbs... Angry at the, well, the list goes on....

I needed a better place to rant than nasty replies to "patriotic" emails from northern-Wisconsin aquantances.

And so began bkubahn the blog.

So where are we now?

Bush finally won his first election, we think. There are allegations that there was some serious funny business in Ohio, but you barely hear about that from the "Liberal Media."

I hear more attention paid to allegations by GOP'ers of how corrupt the City of Milwaukee is, and how it attempts to corrupt the process by inflating the Black Vote. Whatever. It's the typical Right tactic: WE ARE BEING ATTACKED BY THOSE GODLESS LEFTIES AGAIN WHO WILL STOP AT **NOTHING** TO USURP THE VALUES THAT ONCE MADE THIS A GREAT NATION.

The USA has record deficits. Record debts too.

The economy is *finally* showing sustained growth, but it's all macro-economic. You drill down to the micro level, and it seems that firms are seeing profits through lowered costs more than anything else.

The hiring reports come in with strong figures -- but the unemployment figures are as high as ever. It's still a sucky time to be out of work.

Iraq is a disaster. I can't get started on that....

Milwaukee started its reconstruction of the Marquette Interchange. This is our "Big Dig" -- though on a much smaller scale. My prediction: the $600 million project will be $2.4 billion. Wisconsinites will crap bricks. Effin cheeseheads.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can say anything you like, but what you gotta understand is... well... this is *hard* work... and you should be allowed to take a portion of your social security taxes and give it to my bud- err... place it in the private account of your choice.

10:16 pm


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