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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wouln't it be cool? Give iTunes a Mono Button

...iTunes had a mono button?

A good many podcasters do not yet understand that FOR SPOKEN RECORDINGS, MONO IS JUST FINE. Especially when there are multiple people, or interviews, they love to pan one person hard left and the other hard right. The result is a podcast that's hard to hear if you don't hear so well in one ear or have a lot of ambient noise in your listening environment.

SO, to using the "easy" way to make the podcasts more listenable -- that is, convert them to a mono recording -- you have to...
  1. Open iTunes preferences,
  2. Select "Advanced",
  3. Click the "Importing" tab,
  4. Set Import Using to "AAC Encoder",
  5. Set Setting to "Spoken Podcast",
  6. Click OK,
  7. Right click the offending podcast
  8. Select "Convert to AAC"
  9. Let iTunes perform the conversion
  10. Go back into preferences and repeat 1 - 6, but this time changing Setting back to "High Quality".
I think it it be so much easier if I could just:
  1. Click a mono button
Which process looks easier?


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