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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Little moments like this....

I love Earl. I love listening to him. He's been on my iPod since I cleaned up last August). My favourite talk by far one he gave at the 2003 Sunlight of the Spirit Conference in Iceland. During the dark hours, well... everybody sing now: "my headphones... they saved my life".

So anyways, I'm at work the other day listening to him, and something sticks out as he's talking. To paraphrase:

one of the greatest complemenets that i think i can give anyone, is that they're kind. it's a crazy world, and there's just not enough kindness out there.

Cool enought. I go on with the rest of the day. Later at home, my daughter is busy writing in *my* journal (ahem!). I was trying to decide whether to make her write in her own... no... let it go. She calls me over. Asks me to read it.

dear dad, happy fathers day. i love you. you are kind.

kids rock


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