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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Drowning in my .... mail

I *fear* my inbox.

That feeling of dread that consumes me when I start Mail is something I'd just as soon avoid. So I check it once per week at most.

Too many messages coming in... the rules that I spent hours (!!!) setting up to organize and highlight messages are marginally useful now... I just know going in that I'm going to be there for a while trying to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Add to that fact that I'm a hopeless pack rat -- I think I've saved 50,000+ messages -- and you have a need for manageability.

So much for this great thing that once made it easier for me to communicate with the world around me, and vice versa....

Well, I want the joy of emailing back!  So, I'll be watching Merlin Mann's Zero-Inbox talk at Google.


http://www.43folders.com/2007/07/25/merlins-inbox-zero-talk/ http://www.43folders.com


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