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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Scream for me, Long Beach!

i took my 5-year-old angel to the book store with only one condition: no barbie makeup books. so she picked out a 250-page collection of poetry. good girl. we get home and she cracks it open.

--daddy read me a pom

--that's poem honey

--read me a poem.

--what do you want to read?


she points to the open page. it's rime of the ancient mariner. i smile.

--honey, this is a story of what not to do when a bird poops on you.

--you're wierd daddy.

Actually, THEY can still get you...

Ever see anyone wearing one of them aluminum foil hats to prevent THEM from beaming radio signals into your brain or from receivng signlas from the chips that THEY implanted?

Well, MIT did a study to determin the effectiveness of the hats.


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Cambridge Coincidence

so I'm a thousand miles from home and not digging life/boston/whatever today. go to Cambridge, and what happens? bump into -b-, also in town from mke. how cool is that?