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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Milwaukee on CNN's Front Page

I was as work this morning and looked out the window to see this huge plume of black smoke. Obviously a fire, probably a mile away at most. I was wondering what was going on. Found this on CNN: One killed, 25 injured, in Milwaukee blast, fire - CNN.com

More Milwaukee on CNN's Front Page

I saw this on the front page of the Milwuakee Journal last night and thought "Good God.  Is this news?"  Apparently it's national news. Oi.

Salesman donates million-mile car to museum - CNN.com

Friday, December 01, 2006

Milwaukee December Greetings

December 1st. And how does it welcome Milwaukee?

Well, so far this morning, by dumping 6 inches (15 cm) of snow on us, with more on the way. Very strange storm today. I woke up to thunder. Upset me too, I was having a nice dream, enjoying a play at some theatre in San Francisco with my lover and friends.

I discovered something on the way to work: I really don't enjoy thinking I'm going to die.

I especially don't when some barely-endowed-dumb-f**k-with-a-truck is barrelling through a red light. When will these people learn that the four-wheel drive that gets them going in the snow does absolutely nothing for them when it comes time to stop. So, SUV owners: GET A CLUE! Slow the f**k down. Maybe you don't care if you kill one of us out there. But let me share one of my life's little pleasures: tooliing down the road and seeing you f**kers stranded on the side of the road in or in a ditch because your over-confidence spun you out of control.

Schools are closed today. Given that and the empty streets, I figured I'd get rock star parking at work. No such luck. The lots were full. Hardly anyone is missing.

I suppose that says something about the Midwest work ethic. It did have me pause and consider the oppressive nature of our brand of capitalism here in the good old U.S. of A. States. But that's another post.

Followed a certain stream of thought from there, and after a hundred twists and turns, you could come to the conclusion that most companies -- large or small -- are like horribly dysfunctional families. But that's another post too.

As unpleasant as the experience of trying to get around in this weather can be, once you're where you need to be, it is nice to stop, breathe, and just watch.  See the way the flakes flitter about in the wind, the white-capped rooftops, branches of trees drop slightly under the weight of the snow, the pristine desert with its wind-blown dunes in what yesterday was a park... it really is beautiful.

I see my lover's work number on the Caller ID. She made it safe.  Time to go.

Anyway, it's December 1st.  It's cold.